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Welcome to Exceptional Horizons!

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Safe and Stimulating Environment

Our Mission

Individualized, effective pediatric physical therapy

Exceptional Horizons Physical Therapy provides individualized, effective physical therapy to children of all abilities in an atmosphere that is warm and nurturing. Our paramount goal is to help children achieve their full potential and experience their lives with greater confidence. The Exceptional Horizons gym is a safe and stimulating environment where children are challenged to advance their developmental skills in an enjoyable and therapeutic way.

  • We have a variety of specialized equipment designed to enhance a child’s fundamental skills while providing fun and motivation.
  • Our main treatment room allows for one way observation so that parents and caregivers can view treatment sessions without distracting their child.

What Parents say

About Us

About Us

The owner and director of Exceptional Horizons Physical Therapy is Jennifer Rotando. She is a NYS licensed physical therapist who has been providing PT to children in Westchester, Putnam and Dutchess counties for over 28 years.

Jennifer's career began at Blythedale Children’s Hospital in Valhalla, NY where she provided rehabilitation to children recovering from neurologic, orthopedic and cardiac surgeries as well as devastating injuries. The vast amount of clinical experience obtained at Blythedale provided her with the knowledge and confidence to bring her skills to the Early Intervention (EI), Committee of Preschool Special Education (CPSE) and Committee of Special Education (CSE) programs servicing children in their homes and schools. Providing effective PT in the home and community settings required lugging large cumbersome equipment from location to location. It was during these years of hauling equipment through the streets and into homes and schools that the inspiration to open her private practice was born.

Jennifer is committed to continually improving her therapeutic techniques and private practice. She maintains her membership with the American Physical Therapy Association and frequently attends continuing education seminars. She always strives to enhance her repertoire for treatment. Jennifer is the mother of four children and intimately understands the individuality of each child and applies that knowledge when working with her clients.

Treatment Methods

NDT is a therapeutic approach using facilitation techniques and an in depth knowledge of human development to enhance the function of children (and adults) who demonstrate a difficulty with coordinated movement as a result of neurological challenges such as cerebral palsy, head injury and cerebral vascular accident (CVA).

The vestibular system is a sensory organ housed in each ear that provides information about motion, equilibrium and spatial orientation. VRT is a specialized exercise program designed to address ocular motor control, dynamic visual acuity, postural reflexes and balance in children who demonstrate vestibular dysfunction.

Primitive reflexes are present at birth and are key elements of human development. Many are essential to survival. They are the fundamental neurological building blocks for learned movement and have a profound influence on intellectual processes. They typically remain active until the age of 6-12 months. If a primitive reflex is not integrated by 12 months of age, there is an indication of immature central nervous system development.

  • Putnam and Dutchess CPSE OT and PT services
  • PT Evaluation
  • PT Treatment

EHPT is not a participating provider with any insurance company. This means the physician, therapist and patient’s family determine the course of care, not the insurance company. The patient’s family will be responsible for direct payment at the time of services and will receive an invoice with necessary information and codes for potential insurance reimbursement.

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3102 Route 9, Cold Spring,  NY 10516